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gua sha beauty tool
gua sha beauty tool

gua sha beauty tool

SMOUVE Skincare
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this budding technique that originated in China became a successful skin treatment because when used, it instantly created healthier looking skin. It is a great way to enhance your skincare regimen and improve your skins wellbeing. Created from the jade crystal it will also promote soothing, nourishing and pure energy to give off a spa like feel


relieve tension & puffy skin 

improve circulation that promotes blood flow 

lymphatic drainage 

reduce sagging skin 

to use:

  1. be sure you are fully hydrated to ensure the toxins can freely leave your skin during massage 
  2. apply a SMOUVE Facial Oil or Beauty Sealant
  3. start at your neck base moving upwards 
  4. move to jaw and work your way outward to relieve congestion away from the center of face
  5. repeat lightly scraping movements focusing on the under-eye area, forehead and eyelids.
  6. focus on one side of your face before moving to the other.