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purify softening cleanser | 4oz

purify softening cleanser | 4oz

SMOUVE Skincare
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say hello to really , like reeeeally smouve skin- all puns intended. our new cleanser was created to improve and purify skin texture and give you supple skin you can be proud of.  

the key benefits:

green tea extract: enhances skin elasticity to appear more youthful

lactic acid: lightly sloughs dry skin softens & smoothes skin 

honey: reduces skin damage & inflammation 


TO USE: apply a dime size amount into hand or onto skin cleanser brush, allow to foam up and begin to cleanse your face for 60 seconds. remove with a warm cloth and follow up with your toner, serum, moisturizer and finally a beauty sealant.

ideal for normal, sensitive , dry typessulfate free 

Because of this production process it will take 7 business days for this product order to be created, bottled, and shipped.

ingredients: green tea extract, organic aloe leaf juice, soy milk powder, organic coconut oil, honey, dead sea salt, lactic acid, organic coconut oil, sodium lauroyl lactylate honeyquat, phenoxyethanol, tetra sodium, ethylhexylglycerin